I come from a lifelong background of singing, bass guitar playing, songwriting as well as having  radio DJ experience, acting classes from a respected acting coach in New York.

Toured worldwide as a performer and Rehearsal Director with STOMP.  

I have had professional voice over training (and continuing to do so). 

Voiced a radio intro/tag for a radio station in Holland. 

Elvis impersonation as a Priest for a TV series at WDR-5 TV station in Germany.

I have completed 6 Audiobooks through ACX. The latest is called "No Matter What" written by Ignite Coach Ron Mitchell

I have completed 4 Audiobooks (The Infinity Ring: The Trap Door and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, A Tale Told in 10 Blocks and X: The Novel) for Learning Ally. (Volunteer basis)

I have completed a Documentary (as the voice of Darius McCollum) for an independent film company in LA. 

I recorded a clip for Duracell Batteries. 

I recorded part of a Documentary about The Great Dismal Swamp.

Recorded audio for a Museum installation in Tel Aviv, Israel 

Recorded a web video/ad for AMETEK 

Recorded an ad for Toyota Africa

Recorded 3 Podcast Episodes and a role in one more for "The Grey Rooms" Horror Podcast Series and more...I am originally from Charlottesville, VA but I work from my home studio in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Best Regards,
Warren Richardson​

  • Commercial Demo April 20151:20
  • Narration - N11:39
  • The Infinity Ring Chapter 19 AB Demo1:50
  • Medical Demo0:47
  • Firefighting E-learing Demo0:57
  • Character (Elvis as a Priest)1:51
  • Jeunesse Telephony 1 minute clip1:00
  • Dutch Blues Radio0:52


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